Safety Awareness

Team ERC will emphasize safety throughout this Phase-In period and ask that you make it a top priority as well.

Phase-In activities can create anxious feelings about anticipated changes, the hiring process, and the performance of day-to-day job functions. These feelings can create distractions that could cause lapses in safety, security, and environmental awareness. We want to emphasize how critical it is to make safety a top priority during this Phase-In period.

Please take this opportunity to:

  • Take a “time-out” for safety, environmental, and security awareness. Calibrate yourselves to the safety, environmental, and security requirements that are necessary to perform your job.
    • Ensure that you follow all applicable Standard Operating Procedures.
    • Ensure all Contract Operations are performed correctly.
  • Be attentive to changing circumstances in the work place. Maintain situational awareness by frequently assessing your working environment for any changes that may impact your ability to safely perform your job duties.
  • Identify “high-consequence” activities that you may engage in and take steps to ensure that all hazards have been identified and controlled.
  • Notify your Supervisor or Manager of any safety, environmental, or security issues that require immediate attention so that they may be corrected.

Thank you for your attention to safety awareness!