Mission Support


We help our customers meet their most demanding mission requirements. Whether it’s aviation flight testing at the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center, supporting launch missions at Kennedy Space Center, or helping the Missile Defense Agency protect the nation from complex missile threats, ERC is committed to keeping our customers and the country mission ready.

Our mission support services are backed by engineering and technical talent, specialized scientific knowledge, creative information technology, certified program and project management, and safety and quality expertise. We are also proficient at procurement, including efficiently making significant or large-volume purchases. By combining the agility of a smaller company with the sophistication and business systems of a large organization, we can quickly and effectively respond to changing mission requirements.

How We Do It

Dressed for Success

When American astronauts return to the moon, they will wear a next-generation spacesuit called the exploration extravehicular mobility unit (xEMU). ERC is helping NASA design, analyze, and test this high-tech spacesuit as part of our work at the Johnson Space Center. xEMU, which features 92 components, dramatically improves mobility, flexibility, and communications versus past spacesuits. ERC engineers and technical specialists primarily support the xEMU portable life support system and pressure garment system. We are also involved in other critical activities ranging from project management and testing to systems engineering and integration.   

Boldly Expanding the Frontiers of Space

NASA and its partners share a common goal: to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. As ERC is a holistic provider of engineering, technical, scientific, and support solutions to NASA, our services are essential to nearly every facet of the organization’s endeavors. From rocket propulsion technology to 3D additive manufacturing in space, our work spans the entire NASA organization. Working alongside our government counterparts at the Kennedy Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Johnson Space Center, and the White Sands Test Facility, we are helping NASA expand the frontiers of air and space for the benefit of humanity.

ERC supports various programs and tasks, including next-generation spacesuits; space station payloads; systems engineering, testing, and integration of NASA’s new Space Launch System; ground system support; launch and landing operations; and launch vehicle, spacecraft, and payload integration. This depth and breadth of NASA experience gives us the perspective to understand both high-level strategy and project-level activity.