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Early Summer happenings….and love is in the air!

Love is in the air at TOSC! 

A recent Family Tour day at Kennedy Space Center took on special meaning as Nick Smyth proposed to his girlfriend, Caitlin!

Right after Nick joined the ERC family, he took Caitlin and her 2 children to the Visitor Center for the entire day.  Since then, Caitlin has been inspired to be a part of the space program – so much so that she is currently enrolled in the aerospace technician program at a local college.

When Nick realized that she was the one, he knew the space program had to be incorporated into the proposal.  Nick’s original idea was to propose at the launch pad, but NASA only allows tour buses out there.  So, on to Plan B.

According to Nick, when he gets nervous, he wings it – and that worked swimmingly well this time!  Nick said, “…the moment that I was in the firing room at the LCC, I had that nervous feeling and I wasn’t sure about the location…we walked up stairs…looked out towards the launch pads and [thought] it’s now or never…I asked the launch director [to] please give me 1 minute. That’s when I told Caitlin that I love her and the rest is history!”

Yes, even Ernie gets tested! 

As a government contractor, we are required to perform random drug screens on our employees…and that includes Ernie, Kenny, Ken and Stacy.  You’ll see below that it was Ernie’s lucky day – and he passed with flying colors!  Dana, from Occupational Health Group, is our favorite screener as she always has that big smile on her face.

10th Annual ERC Fishing Tournament

It was a picture perfect day for the 10th Annual ERC Fishing Tournament with 25 boats launching to see who would bring home the biggest catch.  Congratulations to Naaman Robertson (RWESS) and Megan Freeman for taking home the trophy this year.  Together, they caught 10.91 lbs of bass.

Our Founding Story

We recognize ERC’s birthday on March 16, 1988 – the day our founder, Dr. Ying Chu Lin “Susan” Wu, boldly left the security of her

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