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ERC 30th Anniversary Celebrations and a big milestone for one of our own!

ERC Celebrates our 30th Anniversary!  

As our founder, Dr. Susan Wu, has said, it’s hard to believe that ERC is now 30 years old!  Each ERC contract location had its own unique celebration, but each one started with that sweet video of Susan and Jimmy talking about the Red Envelopes.   If you missed the video, you can still view it on ERCNet.  In the near future, we’ll have the recording from the 30th Anniversary celebration in Huntsville with Susan and Jimmy talking to our folks about the early days of ERC…it was a treat!

Take a moment to check out these photos from some of the 30th Anniversary celebrations:

Dr. Roscoe Lee:  50 years of service!

September 2017 marked an important milestone for Roscoe, as that date marked his 50th anniversary working for NASA – quite an accomplishment!  With this milestone, Roscoe became the first ERC employee to reach that level of service, so a big congratulations and thanks to Roscoe for his years of service to the space program!

Roscoe has been featured in the ERC blog before.  Several years ago, this youtube video was created to tell the “Roscoe Lee Story – Nearly 50 years with NASA.”   You’ll hear Roscoe talk about the incredible journey of important work that he has performed.  His career with NASA began in 1967 working on the Apollo missions, the Apollo Soyuz project with the Russians, the Space Shuttle missions, and the International Space Station.

Our Founding Story

We recognize ERC’s birthday on March 16, 1988 – the day our founder, Dr. Ying Chu Lin “Susan” Wu, boldly left the security of her

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