Town Hall Q&As

These questions are compiled from our Town Hall Meetings.  If your question is not answered here, please check our FAQs.

Is there a way to check if our application was received without just reapplying?

You can email

What if our jobs weren't really listed on your website? What should we apply for?

Please apply to the job listing that closely matches your position.

Will we be required to attend orientation in-person if we work remotely?

We will have a virtual option available.

What if we have a pay increase after the deadline but before the hire date?

You can send your updated paystub to

Do we need to attend both orientation days?

No, you only need to attend one orientation.

If I applied in October 2022, will I have to reapply?


If folks submitted pay stubs with original app, do they need to send via email?

No, if you already sent your paystub, you do not have to send again.

Will applications that are submitted without paystubs still be considered?

Yes, but it will be difficult for us to provide you a valid offer without justification.

I currently have a consultant agreement and do not receive a paystub, do I need to send something else?

Please send the consulting agreement and we’ll work with you.

Are there any positions available as Telework?

Those who are currently teleworking will likely remain teleworking but we have to work those details with NASA.

My team is going through a hiring process but our chosen applicant won’t be available until April. Can they apply to a transition position?


My annual evaluation and pay raise/promotion opportunity was supposed to take place this week. I have been told that this has been put on hold indefinitely. I am not okay with being hired on at the same rate as this translates to 2 years with no evaluation/pay increase. I don’t see how this would be acceptable and would like to ensure this is being addressed.

We can only transition employees over at the same rate. However, after transition, managers will need to review the situation.

So did I understand correctly, as the answer was not clear. I will be forced to be hired on at my current rate after what will be over 14 months without an evaluation based raise?


As a LASSO contractor I am associated with NASA Commercial Crew Program for the last 15 months. Will I be considered for employment by ERC?

If that project is continuing, the answer is yes. There are no plans to stop any current work.

Do current ERC employees need to apply for their current positions?

You are already in our system and we’ll just transfer you over to LASSO internally.

Do you plan to bring everyone back on board?

We will hire as many as the contract allows us to hire.

If I wish to withdraw an application, can I do so?

Yes. Login to Talent Management and withdraw your application.

If we get an offer letter will it be by email or snail mail?


Will the offers come through our personal email or NASA email?

We will use the email address submitted with your application. But personal email is highly suggested.

If an offer will not be extended to a specific individual, will there be some sort of a notification sent? When?

Yes, they will be notified.

How will you be handling vacations for folks that planned them in advance and we will be starting out without any PTO?

Through the remainder of 2023, team members, with the approval of their manager, will be allowed to carry negative PTO balance of up to 40 hours. Beginning in January 2024 all requests to carry negative PTO will require Program Manager approval.

My group has recently installed a new software onto the KSC network. Is there an IT team for this contract?

We plan to pick up as many IT team members that we can. There will be an IT team.

Since we will be losing all of our PTO/sick time will we be rewarded the same amount of PTO/sick time as we had before?

Since we don’t know what you had before, we will follow the guidance on our contract.

What insurance company will we have?

That will depend which of our teammates you will be assigned.

If I don't need Medical, will I get paid anything to not take medical?

This is teammate specific. Each company is a little different.

I am currently a SCA employee, will I continue being a SCA employee? Will I be an ERC employee or sub-contractor employee?

We haven’t allocated people to the teammates yet. It will depend on which job classification you are in.

Do current KBR employees need to apply, or will KBR just remain a contractor on LASSO II?

Still in discussions with NASA on this one. We don’t have the answer yet.

If I am an Amentum employee, will I be picked up as an ERC employee? Not a sub?

All positions are subject to be assigned to a teammate. The allocations have not yet been determined.

Why have some job titles changed and how do they relate to current job titles?

NASA provided the job titles. There are less labor categories and less levels on LASSO II.

How many years is this contract?

5 years.

I currently work a 32 hour per week schedule, will this be retained after the transition or brought back to a 40-hour week?

Management team will make those determinations after transition.

I currently work a 9/80 schedule. Will that be offered?

If management has already approved this schedule, we will likely be able to continue.

If we are an Amentum employee with the union will you be following everything by the union handbook based off of pay sonority leave act?

We are already talking to the unions and putting a bridge agreement in place to cover all union workers until a new agreement is met.

“The number” is dependent on the benefits package as well as the salary. When will we learn more about the specifics of the benefits and compensation, e.g. health, HSA/FSA, 401K, etc.?

There will be information in your offer letter that will explain the benefits. It will be teammates specific

Do you have a work for others process?

Yes, we are working with other companies to put those in place.

When will an organizational chart be available


During the original town hall it seemed as though ERC was planning on lateral pay moves based on pay stubs, will there be any raises or pay cuts?

We have to review each paystub and evaluate the rates.

I had previously worked on the TOSC contract but under Jacobs. I understood that Jacobs and ERC did a student loan repayment plan. Not to go through college, but to pay off a loan after already receiving the degree. Will ERC offer a payment plan to pay of preexisting loans?

That benefit is not on LASSO, at this time.

Any thoughts about keeping research teams together within a company?

It will be considered. But we need see how to determine who works together.

Are we going to get our personal ERC email address, or just have a NASA email address?

You will certainly have a NASA email address. Other email addresses will be provided as necessary. It will also depend on which teammate hires you.

Will you please email the link to the recording of this meeting?

After further discussion, it was decided to not put the recording on the Phase-in site. However, you may continue to ask questions that are not covered in our FAQs by email at

Will we have access to The Lasso Portal and Maximo that we are working with now to have access to records?

Yes. The plan is to transition the Maximo system as it is.

How about the portal?

We don’t have the answers to it all quite, yet.

Will the Maximo system add the scheduler function?

We don’t quite have that level of detail for the contract, yet.

What PR software does ERC use?


How will an employee be assigned to a particular company - ERC vs Aetos, etc. by discipline? i.e. all engineers go to ERC?

We do not have those allocated, yet. TBD.

If we anticipate needing to take special leave (eg FMLA, maternity) shortly after the contract start whom should we contact?

Contact your manager to let them know.

Are there any major differences between the LASSO II contract and the LASSO I that NASA wants?

The addition of the LETF.

How will we go about ordering supplies? As a new company many of our suppliers will request the new company to complete paperwork in order to buy reagents, etc.

Probably use the same systems you use today. We want to minimize the changes.

From my understanding, this month the union and NASA go into negotiations for pay raises, 401k pension increases, and other things we voted on through the union. Have y’all considered that there can be major changes to everyone's pay rolling into the new contract along with benefits before requesting for paycheck stubs?

The union agreement is between the company and the union, not NASA. We are currently work a bridge contract for both unions.

Will Admins still have P-cards issued to order supplies and parts when necessary?

We don’t know the answer, yet. Once we have an answer, we’ll update the answer.

Does ERC or subcontractors do yearly or periodic performance reviews for employees?


Will we still have access to our government vehicles?

No government vehicles, but we will be providing the required vehicles.

If we are purchasing new vehicles for the contract, are going to have a process for determining the correct vehicles (chemical transport, calibration, etc)

We’ve already been working with Amentum and have a list of the vehicles that are required. This is a change to the contract. LASSO II does not allow for government vehicles.

What is ERC's plan for AS9100 compliance for LETF and the Operations labs? Who will be managing this a quality manager or just put onto the SMA team?

We will make an evaluation of the areas we believe we need to be certified. Not all areas should require AS9100.

Does ERC plan to pursue VPP certification?

Good question. We will make this determination after the transition.

Should we assume, we will keep our current NASA computer and office space?


How large manpower wise is the planned safety and quality teams?

We don’t have the answer to this, yet.

Will our prior years of service acknowledged on LASSO 1 that determine vacation accrual rate be honored and continued?

Represented Work Force: We will follow the Union contract

Existing ERC Employees: We will transfer existing ERC to the new contract keeping their current salary and PTO balance

LASSO and TOSC Incumbents: Will be provided an salary offer, have a starting PTO balance on zero (previous contractor paid out their PTO), and seniority date for vacation accrual will be based on their start date of their incumbent contract