Soaring to New Heights

We have helped NASA stay at the forefront of exploration and space since ERC’s infancy in 1989. The company’s second-ever contract was with NASA’s Ames Research Center for wind tunnel research and development. We’ve been looking up ever since. Today, ERC works side by side with NASA, providing engineering, technical, and scientific expertise at the Kennedy Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Johnson Space Center, and White Sands Test Facility.

Our work with NASA includes Agile software development, cybersecurity, mission support, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, test and evaluation, and research and development. Much of our work helps NASA prepare for the return of Americans to the moon and beyond. This includes engineering, testing, and R&D work on virtually every facet of the new Space Launch System, development of the next-generation spacesuit, and, when the time comes, mission control and recovery support operations for the launch mission.


Our work with NASA spans:

  • Propulsion design, testing, and integration
  • Test operations
  • Mission planning
  • Ground systems support
  • Command and control
  • Flight and ground software
  • Advanced space hardware
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Scientific support
  • Materials and processes research and testing
  • Test laboratory support

“Much of our work is to help NASA prepare for the return of Americans to the moon and beyond.”