Legacy of Leadership

ERC’s legacy is tied directly to the remarkable Dr. Y.C.L. Susan Wu, the first woman to be awarded a Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering from the prestigious California Institute of Technology. In 1988, she boldly left the security of her professorship at the University of Tennessee Space Institute to work as chairman and CEO of Engineering Research & Consulting (ERC), a company without any employees or customers. The rest, as they say, is history.

ERC is built on the indomitable spirit and extraordinary vision of Susan Wu. Under the leadership of her son, Dr. Ernie Wu, we continued to build upon and expand beyond Susan’s dreams. Today, ERC is a responsive, innovative, and agile company that helps the nation’s Defense and Space communities navigate the future. We are proud of our history of working side by side with our customers on missions of national importance.

First Roots

Engineering Research & Consulting, Inc., the predecessor of the current ERC, is established to provide engineering consulting to large aeroDefense and Space firms.

Modern ERC Begins

Dr. Y.C.L. Susan Wu leaves the University of Tennessee Space Institute to become chairman and CEO of ERC.

First NASA Contract

ERC receives a contract from NASA Ames Space Center for wind tunnel research and development.

Huntsville Operation Opens

ERC begins operations in Huntsville to offer engineering and management services to the Alabama high-tech community, including NASA’s Marshall Space Center and the U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal.

First Department of Energy Contract

ERC receives its first engineering service contract from the Department of Energy.

NASA Recognition for Excellence

ERC is named NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Minority Contractor of the Year. This is the first of many times ERC has won this award.

First U.S. Army Contract

 ERC is awarded the Static Test Facilities Support contract at the Redstone Arsenal. 

Headquarters Move to Huntsville

ERC moves corporate headquarters and business operations to Huntsville, Alabama. 

First U.S. Air Force Contract

ERC is awarded a nine-year contract to support the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Propulsion Directorate at Edwards Air Force Base.

Dr. Ernie Wu Becomes CEO

Dr. Ernie Wu leaves his research position at Harvard and is named president and CEO of ERC.

NASA George Low Award Winner

ERC wins the NASA George Low Award, given annually to a subcontractor to recognize quality and performance.

Work Begins at Johnson Space Center

ERC is selected to support NASA’s Johnson Space Center Engineering and Science contract.

ERC University Created

ERC starts a formal education program to enhance the personal and professional development of ERC family members.

First Missile Defense Agency Contract

ERC is awarded a contract from the Missile Defense Agency’s Engineering and Support Services program.

Support for NASA’s White Sands Test Facility

As part of the Test Evaluation and Support Team 2 contract, ERC supports current and future NASA programs for space transportation and human space flight.

Missile Defense Agency’s IT Network Support

ERC supports the MDA’s enterprise communications and IT environment as part of the Integrated Research and Development for Integrated Solutions (IRES) contract.

ERC Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Building respect, empowerment, and collaboration now and into the future.

AMCOM Weapons Development and Integration Directorate

Supporting Army modernization and improving readiness.

Continuing the work for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Supporting rocket propulsion science into operational effectiveness.

ERC recognized as a Great Place to Work®

Developing employees and partnering with customers to deliver exceptional performance.