Mission, Vision, & Values

Performance and Integrity


Our goal at ERC is to raise the standard of excellence and transform this industry by consistently delivering BEST-IN-CLASS performance to our customers in a professional manner. We take pride in being a company that is enjoyable and easy to work for and with.

Through our strong cultural alignment, ERC achieves this goal by consistently operating with total integrity while implementing the value-added business strategies shown below:

    1. Significantly enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families by taking care of and enabling our employees through development programs, strong recognition of accomplishments, and respect for all. This results in our employees confidently doing their best for our customers.

    2. Through close insight and collaboration between our executive team and client interface teams, we ensure that any issues or performance-related concerns are quickly addressed and corrected.

    3. We embrace the philosophy of taking responsibility for the stewardship of our contractor workforce. We invest in our people so they are constantly improving their skills and are well equipped to fit the current and future needs of our customers.

    4. We champion a win-win model with our customers, suppliers, staff, and business partners by taking ownership of each and every relationship.

    5. We view our proposals in response to government RFPs as the best contract execution plans, and we have the intent, experience, and commitment to fully execute these plans.

ERC believes that our competent, trained, and highly motivated work force—utilizing best processes efficiently tailored to specific contracts and work environments and applying the appropriate technology—will deliver superior results for our clients.


To always deliver on our customers’ missions and to ensure a more secure world through dedication, expertise, and innovation


    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Commitment
    • Teamwork
    • Innovation